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Britain and the Euro

We do NOT want the Euro.
The "Famous Five" tests for joining are total nonsense, Enid Blyton made a far better job. The oppinions of one expert is no more valid than that of another. Educated guesswork it may be, but still guesswork.

The experts were wrong about the ERM, which proved to be a disaster with many people still suffering the consequences. Why should anyone suppose that they will be right about the Euro?

We should take note of what is happening in some parts of Germany, which have reverted to using the mark. According to one poll, more than half of all Germans want to make the switch permanent. They had no choice in the matter - We Do!

With the recently rediscovered love of all things British, which includes the pound, the people of this great nation should ensure that the politicians are denied the opportunity to complete the destruction of our country which started with the sigining of the Maastricht Treaty.

God Save The Queen


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Britain and the Euro
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