The Admin and Development team so far:
Editorial / Site co-ordination
Design / Site co-ordination
Quality control
Publicity co-ordinator
Message Board administrator
Newsletter Editor & Publicity co-ordinator

Situations Vacant
Listed below are some of the ways in which you can help run and develop the Britbrats site. If you are interested in any of these, or you have other ideas you would like to put forward,
either use the form provided - click here or email us on

Regular Contributor

Probably the most important situation vacant is that of regular contributor to the various features.
Chatroom Host / hostess To host regular chat room sessions.
Quizmaster / Mistress To compile quizzes - develop and maintain league tables
Features co-ordinator Maintain current features and develop new ideas.
John Bull-Shine Be JBS alter ego - he was created with a couple of people in mind. You may need to be thick skinned for this job!
Madam Bratulenga Be Madam Bratulenga and write the horoscopes
The Joker To run the 'Joker in the Pack' section
Have a look at the Future Features page, is there something there for you?



To - Admin:
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Which BFES School did you attend?
In what capacity would you like to help run and develop Britbrats .com?
Do you bring any special skills with you?
Please do not be offended if you are not asked to fill the opening. We are very grateful for your interest.
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