Write the next paragraph of our story.

Usual rules please, nothing that may offend and no expletives, other than that let your imagination flow.
We are not sure of the rules yet, either the first entry in gets the slot or editorial discretion, as with most things in life, including this story, we will make it up as we go along. No more than 200 words please, but as amusing as possible.
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It was a bleak, black winters night. The wind was howling making the doors rattle, the rain lashing down, drumming like a marching band on my roof. "CRASH!" a thunderclap overhead shook the very foundations. Then silence, an eerie quiet fell. I heard footsteps on the gravel outside, coming to the door." RATATAT!" the sound of the door knocker echoed through the house. I arose from my chair and nervously went to the door....................
Paul Kelly
I opened the door carefully and a little rosy red cheeked lady said.............
"Avon calling, sorry your bell doesn't seem to be working".
I was about to give her a piece of my mind, when an eerie howl was heard in the distance..................


'Please come in ' I said and opened the door wide so that she could step in. 'Thank you' she said gratefully, looking nervously over her shoulder, ' it's dreadful night out there tonight. I shan't be sorry to get home I don't mind telling you'. She was not our usual Avon lady, and I thought it rather odd that anyone would be out on such a wild night, but I dismissed my thoughts and indicated that she should follow me into the living room and warm herself in front of the fire.
She walked into the room carrying a little case that I assumed contained her samples of make-up and perfume. I asked her to take a seat and left her there while I went to call my wife who had gone out to the garage to fetch her handbag from the car. She must have left the back door open, for it was freezing cold out in the draughty hallway, I walked quickly, for I was anxious to get back to my comfy armchair in front of the fire. In my haste I almost tripped up on something in the gloom..................it was my wife's handbag, the contents spilling out all over the floor
By - ? To be continued............