Give your brain a workout with this mindbending quiz.
Two men set off on a 14 mile road. One walking 1mph faster than the other. If the slower man reaches six sevenths of the way back when he meets the other man on his way back, what are the two speeds?
2 Whats connects Death in Venice, Marty, and Do Wah DiddyDiddy?
3 What sort of creatures might exhibit PERTNESS ?
4 Which its the odd one out: Rudyard Kipling, Evelyn Waugh, John Galsworthy, William Golding?
5 Which three letter word completes the following longer words: - - - l, n- - -, rem- - -l, l- - -ble?
6 What is the next number in the series: 3,11,147,2459
7 Using chemical symbols, what sort of device can you make out of gallium, uranium and germanium?
8 Starting with the letter I, add a letter and shuffle to make a new word each time until you reach UTENSIL
9 Crack the code to find three colours: JUHHQ, PDJHQWD, PDXYH
10 Rearrange the letter groups to spell out three countries: AND LIT ELA GRE NIA VEN HUA ENL EZU
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