Britain and the Euro

Dear Readers,
Below is the first response to my ranting which I have copied exactly from the email that I received.
Thankyou, Paul, for pointing out my spelling mistook, which I have corrected. I assume that I now have the right to highlight yours, as below, did you mean many? So thats about quits.


Er, hello, John BS.
First thing to work on is the spelling of ‘opinion’. Following that we will give your views on the Euro a close inspection but at the moment only time to say, briefly, that it was not ‘experts’ that took us into the ERM but Tory politicians, may of whom now want us to stay out of the Euro zone; and the problem was that they took us in at the wrong rate a matter on which they did receive some expert advice but which they did not see fit to accept. As for my opinion, we should be in, when the time is right and at the right rate.